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Youth page

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Young Professionals


Hello Young Forestry Professionals! My name is Celia Nalwadda, the Youth Officer of the CFA since the start of 2008. CFA, through this office, provides an incredible opportunity for young foresters (under 35 years) from various parts of the world to keep pace with latest events in the global forestry sector.  You can benefit from information on the latest technologies, key topical issues regarding forests, research and funding opportunities, community engagements, work placements,  new policies and  the prestigious CFA awards, just to mention a few. Or you can share with us what is happening in your country, the challenges you may be facing and also victories you may have achieved.

In the past year, we had a very successful partnership with the International Forestry Students Association following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding that clearly defines our relationship; crowned off with my taking part in the International Forestry Students Symposium in Bulgaria in the summer of 2008. This forum provided an opportunity for Michelle Freeman (IFSA-CFA Liaison Officer) and me to meet and establish a network we hope to explore to the mutual benefit of the two associations.

In 2009, am looking forward to continuing this alliance, but also to especially focusing on the young professionals. My home country (Uganda) is the proud host of the Young Forester Award 2009, our most prestigious award, and I am thrilled about this.  But there are a number of other incentives I would love to see young foresters take advantage of this year; like the Book Prize and the Young Scientist Publication Awards. However, to benefit, you need to sign up for membership (a quick process with very modest fees I must say)!

The future of the world’s forests is in our hands, so let us band together to respond to this serious yet exciting challenge.  I will be very happy to have your ideas and suggestions about how we can best work together and make use of this CFA support. I also have a slot in the widely subscribed to CFA Newsletter where updates on issues relevant to young foresters are published.  I will appreciate your contribution to this. You may start by sharing this information with your colleagues and asking them to also join the CFA.  I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Warm Regards


Celia Nalwadda - CFA Youth Officer





My name is Eva Ortvald Erichsen and I am very happy to introduce myself as the new IFSA Liaison Officer for CFA. I have been involved with IFSA the past four years and was a part of the IFSA executive board the past term. I hold a BSc in Nature Resources from the University of Copenhagen with the specializing in Nature Management where I currently am an MSc student in Forest and Nature Management. This summer I had the pleasure to join the CFC in Edinburgh this was my first experience with the CFA though I have been in IFSA for a long time. I see CFA as interesting association that I believe students can gain a lot from. As the new liaison officer between IFSA and CFA one main focus be on broadening the knowledge about CFA among IFSA students. Another focus will be on how we can develop the relationship between CFA and IFSA through joint projects or other activities that can enrich both our associations.

I will be more than happy to receive comments and ideas and answer any question that may be headed this way.

IFSA is the global network for students in forest sciences (and related) disciplines. It unites approximately 3000 students in about 69 member associations (called Local Committees) in over 40 countries. Our vision is to foster global cooperation among students of forest sciences in order to broaden knowledge and understanding, to achieve a sustainable future for our forests, and to provide a voice for youth in international forest policy processes. Through scientific debates, forums, exchange programs, regional meetings and the annual IFSS (International Forestry Student Symposium), we enrich formal education, promote cultural understanding, and encourage collaboration with international partner organizations, thereby enabling forestry students across the world to gain practical experiences with a wider global perspective.


In pursuit of the impartial involvement of youths in policy and decision making processes in relation to global forests and environmental management, IFSA is committed to establishing and nurturing relationships with professional organizations such as CFA. The IFSA-CFA partnership, which is based on a signed Memorandum of Understanding, provides forestry students with matchless opportunities to gain first-hand industry-based skills, access scholarships and awards, get published, participate in professional meetings, and access the timely information disseminated in the CFA newsletter and publications.

The Very Kindest Regards


cfa.lo@ifsa.net eva.ifsa@gmail.com


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What's on offer    
Young Forester Award

The Young Forester Award is designed to provide an overseas work placement for a forester below the age of 35.

Recent winners have worked in Sri Lanka and Guyana.

Interested?  Then visit the Young Forester Award page.

Young Scientist Publication Award

Are you a young scientist trying to get your first paper published in a peer-reviewed journal?  If so, you might be eligible for International Forestry Review Young Scientist Publication Award. Visit the YSA page for more details.

CFA Young Scientist Research Award The CFA Young Scientist Research Award is designed to provide financial support to Commonwealth students undertaking forest-related research in pursuit of an academic qualification.  Click here for more information.
Article in Commonwealth Forestry News Our Youth Officer writes a regular article in our newsletter, the Commonwealth Forestry News.  You can access the latest article here.
Student membership rates Students get a massive reduction on membership fees of between 60% to 80% depending on the category chosen.  See Join the CFA for more details.
Can you help? If you want to help us in our mission to support the professional development of young foresters then please get in touch by email at cfa@cfa-international.org

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