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Making a Will

Why make a will?

During your lifetime you will have gathered assets and making a Will is the only guaranteed way of ensuring that your assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes so that the right people benefit from them.  The process of making a will is not complicated and should cost about 100.  


Steps to take in making a Will


  • First, appoint a professional adviser - usually a solicitor or bank. Home-made Wills often give rise to problems.

  • Next, work out how much you have to leave, including the total sum of your property, money and possessions, less any outstanding mortgages or loans.

  • Decide who you want to benefit from your will. For example, your family, friends and favourite charities or good causes.

  • Choose executors to make sure your wishes are carried out. These can be professional advisers, friends or family members or one of each.

  • Finally, keep your will safe and make sure your executors know where to find it. Give one copy to your solicitor or bank.


Keeping your Will up to date

Its important to review your will at intervals to ensure it still reflects your wishes and circumstances. For instance, if you purchase/sell property or get married, or someone mentioned in your will dies, you may need to change it.  Contact your solicitor for advice. 



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