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Other publications

  Commonwealth Forests  The Commonwealth Forestry Handbook 2001-2005

Commonwealth Forests is the first publication to give a complete overview of the state of forestry in the Commonwealth.  The book covers not only the extent and types of forests in the 53 Commonwealth countries, but also topics such as management and rates of deforestation.

"Commonwealth Forests is a wonderful new resource, but with a hard-hitting message. It reminds us in an objective and concise way that we are not learning the lessons of the past fast enough."  Dr Mark Collins. Director, Commonwealth Foundation, London.


Click here to access Commonwealth Forests online

For more information and details of how to obtain a copy contact cfa@cfa-international.org

The Commonwealth Forestry Handbook is an indispensable source of information for CFA members and foresters in general.  With sections covering the history of the Association, a list of journals, timber nomenclature and conversion tables for foresters there is something here for everyone.


The Commonwealth Forestry Handbook is available free of charge on-line.  Click here to access the contents.


  The World's Forests: Rio +8   Root to Canopy

Third in the CFA series and published in 2002 The World's Forests is a  vital book for policy makers, researchers and students of forestry and environmental management. It is the only book to cover all major international and intergovernmental initiatives on forestry.

Issues covered include:

  • Deforestation
  • Forest conservation
  • Low forest-cover countries
  • Planted forests
  • National forest programmes
  • Research
  • Finance and sustainable forest management
  • Forest instruments

Cost: 12.00/US$20.00 per copy (8.00/US$12.00 for CFA members)

To order contact CFA.

Root to Canopy: regenerating forests though community-state partnerships (2004) provides comprehensive coverage of the changes made in the Indian forestry sector during the last decade with respect to Joint Forest Management.

The book covers the evolution of JFM in India, the experience of each state, and emerging issues.

For more information and details of how to obtain a copy contact cfa@cfa-international.org


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