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CFA Young Scientist Research Award

The CFA recognises the fundamental importance of scientific research in the development of our understanding of the growth of forests and their value to society and our planet.  Since 1921 the CFA has published leading scientific papers on forest research, and has more recently established initiatives designed to encourage publication of research articles by young researchers (the Young Scientist Publication Award) and distribute our journal, the International Forestry Review, free of charge to developing countries via the Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERI).


In January 2009, the CFA launched a new initiative, the CFA Young Scientist Research Award, with the following terms of reference:


Objective of scheme  To provide financial support to Commonwealth students undertaking forest-related research in pursuit of an academic qualification.


Age  Up to 35 years of age


Nationality and location  Citizen of a Commonwealth country carrying out research in a Commonwealth country within a recognized academic programme working towards an academic qualification.


Educational status  No restrictions.


Amount of money available  Up to 1000.


Number of awards and their frequency One award per year.


Terms and conditions for use of money  Funds provided to the academic institution. Report provided to CFA of work carried out.


If you are interested in applying for the Award please download and complete the Application Form.



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