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   Young Scientist Publication Award


The Commonwealth Forestry Association has established a scheme known as the International Forestry Review Young Scientist Publication Award which is designed to help promote the careers of young forest scientists and managers through publication in the International Forestry Review.  Manuscripts are invited within the following criteria:



  • Age of author under 30 years of age at time of submission of entry;

  • Author should not have  previously published articles in peer-reviewed international technical journals (please list any published articles in non-reviewed journals);

  • The submission should be from one author.


Language: entries should be submitted in English.


There will be up to four Awards yearly.  The selected articles will be published in IFR.  The winners will be offered a free subscription to the CFA (which includes receipt of the IFR) for 3 years, a copy of the CFA Handbook and Rio+8, and a CD of back numbers of the IFR.


Criteria for judging the winners of the Awards will be:


All entries should meet the CFA objectives: To promote the well-being of the world’s forests and all who benefit from them.

  • Quality of science:  sound methods, inclusive discussion of results, sound conclusions, identification of relevance to forest policy, management or research

  • Quality of presentation: contents matching title, logical presentation, good illustrations where relevant, clear objectives, conclusions related to objectives

  • Originality – does not merely recycle existing information

  • Wide interest – even if dealing with a restricted area or topic, should be of wider applicability or value for discussion

  • Overall impression – at the discretion of the peer-reviewer

Submission of manuscripts:

Please conform to IFR format (see Guidelines for authors) and mark your submission Young Scientist Publication Award.

* The Young Scientist Publication Award is supported by the Commonwealth Foundation.

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