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CFA Newsletter

The CFA Newsletter contains forestry news from around the world covering development, policy, training opportunities, research and Association events.  It is issued four times per year and is available in both hard copy and PDF formats:

  • hard copy sent to all members

  • PDF available through the Members Only part of the website or can be sent to members of an organisation who have joined at the Newsletter Only rate

The CFA Newsletter encourages publication of articles from members on forestry issues pertinent to their own countries.  Articles for submission (including any photographs) should be between 300 and 1500 words and submitted electronically to the Editor at cfa@cfa-international.org 

Back issues of the CFA Newsletter are available for 4 per copy, plus postage. 

Missing issues (i.e. those not delivered on time) should be reported within 60 days of the publication month in question.  Requests from members received later than this will be dealt with as back issues, and charged accordingly.

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