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Commonwealth Forestry Conference

 Edinburgh 2010 | Sri Lanka 2005 | A brief history


Edinburgh 2010: Restoring the Commonwealth's Forests - Tackling Climate Change



Click here for The Conference Final Statement

Click here for the Book of Abstracts

Sri Lanka 2005 : Forestry's Contribution to Poverty Reduction


To obtain a free copy of the Proceedings on CD please contact Libby Jones, Secretary of the Standing Committee on Commonwealth Forestry at libby.jones@forestry.gov.uk

Click here for The Final Report and Resolutions

Click here for the report of the CFA side event Strengthening the role of forestry in civil society

Commonwealth Forestry Conferences - A brief history

The Commonwealth Forestry Conferences are held approximately every four years.  Past locations were: 

1          1920   United Kingdom
2          1923   Canada
3          1928   Australia and New Zealand
4          1935   South Africa
5          1947   United Kingdom
6          1952   Canada
7          1957   Australia and New Zealand
8          1962   East Africa
9          1968   India
10        1974   United Kingdom
11        1980   Trinidad and Tobago
12        1985   Canada
13        1989   New Zealand
14        1993   Malaysia
15        1997   Zimbabwe
16        2001   Australia
17        2005   Sri Lanka

The earlier conferences were lengthy (often as much as six weeks long in the days of sea travel) and spent much time on discussing country progress and technical developments.  Since 1968 there has been more focus on specific topical themes in addition to the country reports, and the dates, locations and subjects of the conferences since then are as follows:

1968      India (New Delhi)

Theme: "Changing Objectives of Forest Management"

1974      United Kingdom

Theme:  "The Forest and Global Environment"

1980   Trinidad and Tobago

Theme: "Forestry’s Contribution to Social and Economic Development"

1985   Canada (Victoria)

Theme: "Investment in Forestry - The Needs and Opportunities"

1989   New Zealand (Rotorua)

Theme: " Forestry - A Multiple-Use Enterprise"

1993   Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

Theme: " People, the Environment and Forestry - Conflict or Harmony?"

1997   Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls)

Theme: "Forestry in a Changing Political Environment: Challenges for   the 21st Century"

2001 Australia (Fremantle)

Theme: "Forests in a Changing Landscape"

2005 Sri Lanka (Colombo)

Theme: "Forestry’s Contribution to Poverty Reduction"

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