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CFA Awards

The Queen's Award for Forestry | Regional Award | Young Forester Award | Young Scientist Publication Award |

Young Scientist Research Award

The Queen's Award for Forestry

In 1987, the Association's Patron, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, approved the Queen's Award for Forestry, to recognise outstanding contributions to forestry.

The purpose of the Award, which comprises a cash prize and a travel grant to the combined value of £2000, is both to recognise the achievements and support the future work of an outstanding mid-career forester. The recipient will be the individual who the Selection Committee considers combines exceptional contributions to forestry with an innovative approach to his or her work.

The Association, which has responsibility for selecting and evaluating candidates, will agree a travel programme in conjunction with the winner that will maximise the benefits to the winner, the hosts and the Association. The successful candidate will be expected to deliver a lecture upon return describing his or her experiences and lessons learned.


Consideration for the Queen's Award for Forestry follows nomination by two proposers, i.e. not application by the individual.  These nominations must be sent to the relevant CFA Regional Coordinator (see below) and must include name, age, position of the nominee, plus a short statement of up to 200 words outlining why the individual has been nominated. 

Regional Coordinators

(click here to visit the Regional Coordinators web page)

Europe :

Africa :

South Asia :

South East Asia and Pacific : Americas and Caribbean :

Adrian Whiteman

Ben Chikamai

R.V. Singh

Michael Bleby

Shashi Kant






If the individual is considered suitable for inclusion in the short-list the nominators will be contacted for further information.

Previous winners of the Award

John Turnbull (AU)

SN Rai (IN)

Yemi Katerere (ZW)

Thang Hooi Chiew (MY)

VK Bahuguna (IN)

Jerry Vanclay (AU)

Steve Bass (GB)

Bentval Ravindra Prabhu (IN)

Shashi Kant (CAN)


The Award is open to all citizens of Commonwealth countries, although in the event of a tie priority will be given to a member of the Association.


(Please note that the Queen does not normally present the Award in person).

CFA Regional Award

The CFA Regional Awards are designed to recognise the professional excellence of foresters working at a national and regional level and are open to members and non-members.  Winners receive a certificate to honour their achievement and the Award is presented at a high profile national or regional event. 

Candidates for the CFA Regional Awards must be submitted to Regional Coordinators (see below) and nominated and seconded by CFA members.

Regional Coordinators (click here to go to the Regional Coordinators' page)

Europe : Adrian Whiteman

Africa : Ben Chikamai

South Asia : R.V. Singh

South East Asia and Pacific : Michael Bleby

Americas and Caribbean : Shashi Kant


The Award is open to citizens of all countries.

The Young Forester Award

Applications are invited from students and young professionals below the age of 35 who are nationals of Commonwealth countries for the Commonwealth Forestry Associationís Young Forester Award.  The Award is designed to support the professional development of the recipient through the provision of a short-term work placement and consists of a designated placement combined with a bursary of between £1000 and £1500 (depending on the placement selected).  The CFA endeavours to provide the recipient with a choice of placements of between three- and six-months in order to meet their professional interest. 


The Award is open to foresters or forestry students of all countries below 35 years of age.

Click here for more information on the Award.

The Young Scientist Publication Award


The Commonwealth Forestry Association has established a scheme known as the International Forestry Review Young Scientist Publication Award which is designed to help promote the careers of young forest scientists and managers through publication in the International Forestry Review.  Manuscripts are invited within the following criteria:



  • The Award is open to authors from all countries.

  • Age of author under 30 years of age at time of submission of entry;

  • Author should not have  previously published articles in peer-reviewed international technical journals (please list any published articles in non-reviewed journals);

  • The submission should be from one author.

Click here for more information on the Award.

CFA Young Scientist Research Award


The CFA recognises the fundamental importance of scientific research in the development of our understanding of the growth of forests and their value to society and our planet.  Since 1921 the CFA has published leading scientific papers on forest research, and has more recently established initiatives designed to encourage publication of research articles by young researchers (the Young Scientist Publication Award) and distribute our journal, the International Forestry Review, free of charge to developing countries via the Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERI).


In January 2009, the CFA launched a new initiative, the CFA Young Scientist Research Award, with the following terms of reference:


Objective of scheme  To provide financial support to Commonwealth students undertaking forest-related research in pursuit of an academic qualification.


Age  Up to 35 years of age


Nationality and location  Citizen of a Commonwealth country carrying out research in a Commonwealth country within a recognized academic programme working towards an academic qualification.


Educational status  No restrictions.


Amount of money available  Up to £1000.


Number of awards and their frequency One award per year.


Terms and conditions for use of money  Funds provided to the academic institution. Report provided to CFA of work carried out.


If you are interested in applying for the Award please download and complete the Application Form.


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